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The Filmmakers

Producer/Director/Writer Floyd Webb is an independent filmmaker who has worked as a producer on a numbers of projects with some amazing filmmakers over the years.  His production credits include the 2006 American Masters program, The World of Nat KIng Cole, by director Ian Hunt for Double Jab Productions, UK; 3D effects and animation producer for Wesley Snipes’ Amen Ra Productions on the documentary, Dr. Ben, directed by the late St Clair Bourne; associate producer of Daughters of the Dust, directed by Julie Dash; researcher on The Last Angel of History, directed by John Akomfrah: effects pre-visualization for Jean Pierre Bekolo on Les Saignantes(The Bleeders)and many other music video and commercial projects.

In the late 1960s through mid 70s Floyd was active in the martial arts community in Chicago. He attended numerous tournaments and meet John Keehan/Count Dante at the events he held at the Chicago Coliseum in 1964, when he was 11 years. He may have even spoken to him a few times. Floyd’s tournament participation was undistinguished, yet he was steeped in the lore of the times and begun to seek out his old contacts from the early days of shiai kumite in Chi-Town after hearing rumours that Count Dante was alive after news reports of his death in 1975. He re-entered the martial arts community after 30 years, seek out his first instructor, Hamza Gregory Jaco (father of  hip hop artist Lupe Fiasco aka Wasalu Jaco), who taught a rough and tumble backyard-Mas Oyama book learning, basement brick breaking, late night gymasium encounters, street challenges hit and run style of martial art. There were the occassional beat downs and eventual evolution to soft internal Chinese styles and adopting Taoist philosophies.

In the 1980s Floyd was one of the pioneers of Black Film Festivals, founding the Blacklight Film Festival in Chicago, working with Richard Pena, then head of of the Film Center of the Art Institute of Chicago. He begin his film career working at Chicago Filmmakers after  a decade of adventures as a photojournalist abroad.

twitter: @count_dante | facebook: floyd.webb.chicago | Skype: floydw2k |

Co-Producer Aaron Petersen, based in the UK  is a Mixed Martial Arts event promoter. Over the passed 12 months, through Aaron the project has been exposed with sponsorships on large MMA events such as UWC in UK , ADFC in UAE and Cage Wars in Ireland. Many top European Fighters have entered the cage sporting the Search For Count Dante logo and website address including Simeon Thorenson and Stav “Crazy bear” Economou.”

Co-Producer Simmie Williams is an art director/designer. He grew up in Gary, Indiana a rough and tumble town that has produced the likes of Fred Williamson, Avery Brooks and the Jackson 5 (Leave Micheal out of this). Simmie participated in the wild world of martial arts Gary style. Both Floyd and Simmie have worked for Playboy Magazine. It appears Playboy was Count Dante’s last legitmate hairdressing job before he allegedly got involved with the mob.


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